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Top 25 Emerging Occupations | National Skills Commission

If you’re looking for a change in career, perhaps you could consider new research released by the National Skills Commission this month, which outlines the top 25 jobs that have evolved as the way we work changes.

The good news? Technology fields led the way. The bad news? Well, there isn’t any if you’re in the data, digital, technology or risk and regulation fields.

These positions have been identified by combining traditional and near real-time data using data science techniques, and summarise that some of the changes businesses made this year have accelerated the need for skills in these jobs, while others have been negatively impacted by Covid.

The National Skills Commission’s research includes employment numbers, earnings, demographic profiles and skills in demand for these jobs, and aim to assist in ensuring Aussies are equipped with the right tools and skills for positions that are most likely going to not only stay around, but grow with this ever-changing environment.

In a world of complete unknowns, could these roles be the next certainty, alongside death and taxes? While only time will tell, it appears to be positive news for the tech space, and for now, we'll take it!

The full National Skills Commission list:


Occupations in this cluster are associated with growth in data and data-driven decision making

Data Analysts Data Scientists Data Engineers Data Architects Pricing Analysts

Emerging business practices


Online Engagement

Refreshing ANZSCO

Sustainability Engineering and Trades



Lauryn McGuiness is a Recruitment and HR professional with 15 years' experience who specialises in recruiting Project Professionals, Business Analysts & IT Specialists. She currently works for Connect One Recruitment.

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