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Kelly OCG Supplier Forum

It was a pleasure to be part of the KellyOCG APAC's supplier forum at the stunning Capella Hotel Sydney.

The discussions provided insights into the evolving recruitment landscape:

James Cook (Indeed) highlighted:

  • Despite tough economic conditions, the low unemployment rates create a challenging climate for talent acquisition.

  • The generational workforce shift—'Boomers to Zoomers'—has significant implications for recruiting strategies.

  • The resistance to AI, reinforcing the importance of the human element in recruitment.

Charles Cameron (RCSA) shared:

  • The need for the Australian recruitment industry to adapt to a dynamic digital, regulatory, and economic environment.

  • The shift from transactional interactions to strategic workforce management consultants. 

  • The pivotal role recruiters can play in addressing skill gaps and talent development.

Our key takeaway: Embracing generational shifts and technological integration is crucial for transforming recruitment practices into strategic, responsive, and talent management solutions that align with evolving market conditions.

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