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Correlated Technologies: Stack Overflow Annual Developer survey

Ever wondered how technologies are connected to each other?

Correlated Technologies. Credit: Stack Overflow
Correlated Technologies. Credit: Stack Overflow

I love this infographic from Stack Overflow in their Annual Developer survey.

Apart from being an excellent source of insights, the 2020 survey is one of the best examples of visual information communication I have ever seen. It feels more like playing a game than absorbing information:

''Technologies cluster together into related ecosystems that tend to be used by the same developers. This network graph demonstrates this by showing which technologies are most highly correlated with each other. Similar to last year, we see a large cluster of web development technologies connected via SQL to one for Microsoft technologies, as well as a cluster of operations technologies connected to the Python ecosystem network through Linux.''


Fred Fatakia is a passionate account manager who has developed a network of resources which he uses to recruit for Transformation, Projects and IT. He is a director of Connect One Recruitment

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