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Resource: Finding New Work Within Your Organisation

Lots of Business Analysts, Project Managers and other contractors will find their assignments coming to an end in and around the festive season. If this is the case for you, in addition to seeking a new role externally, you could also make a concerted effort to pick up a new piece of work within your current organisation.

Here are some areas that you can start looking within your current organisation:
  1. Areas in pain: where you can give a fresh perspective

  2. Emerging pieces of work: where you can bring your knowledge of the organisation.

  3. Areas that interest you: where you can bring your enthusiasm.

  4. People you get along with or think similarly to you.

It isn’t enough just to have a think about this: You need to have an action plan to reach out to relevant stakeholders, and make your case.

I have put a worksheet together that you can download to help with this process.

Keen to hear any other ideas you may have about finding new pieces of work within an organisation.

Let us know if you need any help with putting a pitch together for yourself, or anything else.

Also, a big thank you to Jay Honeybrook Carter for coming up with these areas, and letting me pick your brain on this topic

Connect One Recruitment | Finding New Work | Worksheet
Download • 2.08MB

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23 oct 2023

Love this. Some good ideas here. Thank you for sharing!

Me gusta
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