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Working at Connect One: Meet Mel Wilson

L to R: Alumni Melonie Wilson, Fred and Harry Fatakia picking up the supplier excellence award

"I started with Connect One in 2018 and quickly found myself a part of the Connect One family. Having worked in various recruitment roles throughout my career, it was extremely refreshing to work for an organisation who was so focused on quality and building relationships with both Hiring Managers and candidates. I felt listened to and supported, particularly as Fred made time and effort to expand my knowledge and skills. With my background also in career coaching, my idea to provide additional support to candidates was welcomed, which allowed me to further grow my skills and provide greater levels of support to candidates in the complex job market of COVID. Fred, and the whole Connect One team, operate with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism and it was a pleasure to work as part of an organisation who is so passionate about positive outcomes for organisations and candidates."


Melonie Wilson is a knowledgeable and passionate careers, recruitment and human resources professional with over 16 years of experience. She's also a previous employee of Connect One Recruitment

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