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What came first? Your Love of Learning? Or Being a Contractor?

The silly season is a great time to be a recruiter. Every year I have used the season to have a coffee with my contractors, and hear what is going on in their lives.

When doing this, it never fails to astonish me how proactive career contractors are as a group of people.

Almost all of them have strong interests and hobbies outside of the contract they are delivering: From start-up business ventures to playing in bands and helping not for profits.

On the whole, my observation is that most career contractors love to learn new things. They are constantly learning new company cultures, new IT systems, adapting to ever-changing personalities around them and overcoming challenges.

All of this learning and adapting is all great for a person’s neuroplasticity, referring to the brain's ability to change itself throughout life.

So it got me thinking about what came first:

Did being a career contractor help to establish a love of learning?

Or did the love of learning help establish the person as a career contractor?

If the former is correct, choosing a contracting pathway can lead to changes in your brain.


Fred Fatakia is a passionate account manager who has developed a network of resources which he uses to recruit for Transformation, Projects and IT. He is a director of Connect One Recruitment

What Came First?

  • Did being a contractor help to establish love of learning?

  • Or did the love of learning help establish a contractor?

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