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Contract Recruitment in 2020: Three weeks of Observations

Observations from my last three weeks in contract recruitment:

  • Week starting Monday 23rd March: Clients putting contract roles on hold, wondering how they are going to train new starters given the lack of face to face options.

  • Week starting Monday 30th March: Clients working out how they onboard and train new starters remotely - taking the existing requirements off hold.

  • Week starting Monday 6th April: Clients chasing us to organise interviews so they can fill overdue roles that were put on hold in the last few weeks.

It has been amazing to see how quickly some parts of the employment market are adapting to the new way of working.

This is not exclusive to parts of the employment market - restaurants have been adapting their menus, gyms adapting their delivery of workouts, and healthcare has been adapting how they treat people. I could go on.

There are examples of resilience and innovation everywhere you look. Seeking this makes me feel positive that we will learn to adapt to the 'new world' quicker then anyone thought was possible.


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