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IT + Technology Funding Initiatives (NSW Budget 24-25)

The NSW Government has made significant investments in technology and IT as part of its 2024-25 budget. These initiatives aim to enhance digital infrastructure, improve cyber security, and streamline services for citizens and businesses alike. Here’s a detailed look at the key funding allocations:

Cyber Security and Digital Infrastructure

Digital Licensing Rollout

  • Total Funding: $62.5 million

  • Purpose: Expanding digital licensing to 80 NSW qualifications, simplifying and speeding up application processes.

NSW Digital ID and Wallet

  • Total Funding: $21.4 million

  • Purpose: Developing a digital ID and wallet to make proving identity and qualifications easier and more secure.

Digital Restart Fund

  • Total Funding: $97.9 million over four years

  • Cyber Security Measures: $42.6 million

  • Purpose: Investing in strategic digital priorities, improving cyber security, and transforming key legacy applications.

Reducing Extreme Cyber Security Risk

  • Total Funding: $18.0 million over four years

  • Purpose: Implementing the Department’s Cyber Security Strategy to mitigate extreme cyber risks.

Critical Communications Enhancement Program

  • Total Funding: $1.3 billion

  • Purpose: Consolidating government-owned radio networks to facilitate a coordinated response to critical incidents and emergencies.

Modern Licensing and Compliance Program

  • Total Funding: $146.7 million

  • Purpose: Supporting digital delivery and regulatory transformation for license holders and regulators.

Live NSW (Spatial Digital Twin)

  • Total Funding: $29.0 million

  • Purpose: Building a collaborative digital platform for visual location information to support decision-making across utilities, land use, and planning.

Cyber Security Enhancements (Consolidated)

  • Total Funding: $205.0 million

  • Purpose: Building cyber resilience and supporting those affected by data breaches.

Customer Service Improvements

Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials Program

  • Total Funding: $15.0 million

  • Purpose: Developing a program to enhance digital identity verification processes.

Service Centre Security Upgrades

  • Total Funding: $6.1 million

  • Purpose: Upgrading security at service centres to protect data and improve service delivery.

Revenue Collections System (MARS) Technology Refresh

  • Total Funding: $28.5 million

  • Purpose: Upgrading the MARS technology to ensure efficient and secure revenue collection.

Securing the Benefits of Digital Licensing

  • Total Funding: $146.7 million

  • Purpose: Enhancing digital licensing to improve regulatory efficiency and user experience.

Education and Training

TAFE Digital Access Foundation

  • Total Funding: $74.0 million

  • Purpose: Providing reliable internet, Wi-Fi connectivity, and digital collaboration devices to meet the essential digital access requirements for students and staff.

Education Standards Authority’s Cyber / Tech Program

  • Total Funding: $59.1 million

  • Purpose: Strengthening defensive and preventative cyber capabilities and reducing overall technology and cyber security risk.

These investments reflect the NSW Government's commitment to leveraging technology to improve service delivery, enhance security, and support the state's digital transformation. Through these initiatives, NSW aims to provide more efficient, secure, and user-friendly services to its residents and businesses.

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