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Helping you find that next position

Connect One Recruitment know what hiring managers are looking for, due to our extensive industry experience. Therefore, we also offer career support to candidates looking to secure their next position. We are able to advise and assist you in creating high level, professional documents as well as coach you through interview preparation to assist you in reaching your career goals. Our Career Support services include:

Document writing

One of our highly experienced team members will work with you in creating targeted and tailored documents including resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria and pitches to ensure you secure your next position. Our consultants gather an insight into your values, your goals and career history. Then they ensure that your documents highlight your key skills and strengths. Finally, they combine this information and demonstrate how you align with the organisation and the position available

Interview coaching

Working with you over 2 - 3 sessions, our consultants will support you in preparing for your interview. We ensure that you are confident and prepared to secure your next position by developing practice interview questions and working through a clear and defined process to build up your interviewing skills. We can also help you develop the skills you need to interview online to ensure that you are still able to showcase your skills and build a strong rapport in an online environment

Career advice & support

Connect One have an excellent understanding of the various roles and industries due to our extensive experience. We know the job market and are constantly liaising with hiring managers so they know what key leaders are looking for in new candidates. This ensures that we can provide current and up-to-date advice and support in relation to your career progression, suitable organisations that match your skills and values and pathways on how to reach your career goals.